Rice Krispie Treats

I mean.. who doesn’t like a light and crunchy Rice Krispie Treat!? They are the perfect party favor or a yummy addition to your dessert table! We currently offer THREE delicious flavors:


Rice Krispies are the perfect treat for your party!

Cookies and Cream

Cookie and Cream Rice Krispie Treats mixes our original treat with the iconic oreo!

Fruity Pebbles


If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Rice Krispies are the way to go! While cookies average around $4 per cookie, Rice Krispie Treats are anywhere from $1.40 – $2.25 per treat, depending on design.


Any of our flavors can be paired with any of the following design options! Rice Krispie treats are sold by the pan (20 pieces per pan).

  • Naked: $28/pan
  • With Drizzle (up to 2 colors of your choice): $35/ pan
  • Marbled chocolate layer (up to 3 different colors): $35/ pan
  • Drizzled w/ ONE fondant piece & Sprinkles: Starting at $40/pan (price for these more intricate Rice Krispies may vary. Please note the specific design element you are interested in adding when filling out the inquiry form.)
Cookies and Cream Rice Krispie treats with blue and green drizzle and sprinkles!


Our Rice Krispie Treats are individually packaged in heat-sealed cellophane bags. This ensures that your treats remain fresh for your event!

Heat Sealed Rice Krispies w/ Liners.
The perfect Party favor!