Easter Cookies

Easter 2019 Sale in Now CLOSED! Thank you to all who placed an order!

Easter Bunny Cookie
Heat-Sealed in Cellophane Bag: $4.50 each
With “Happy Easter” Tag (see below): $5 each
Single Box: $5.50 each.
“Happy Easter” Tag – Can be added onto Rice Krispies packaged in individual cellophane bags, for an extra $10/per pan ($0.50 for each).
Paint Your Own (PYO) Easter Egg Kit – $28.
Includes: (12) Easter Egg Cookies, (2) Color Palette Cookies, and (4) Paint Brushes.
Extra Paint Brushes: $0.25 each
Extra Paint Palette cookies: $2 each
Easter Rice Krispies – $25 – (16 pieces per pan)
Delicious Original Rice Krispies covered in marbled pastel white chocolate, sprinkles and chocolate “Easter egg.”
Packaging: Individually packaged in heat-sealed cellophane bags. “Happy Easter” Tag can be added to cellophane bags, for an extra $10 per pan ($0.50 for each).

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